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  • Project cooperation:Imported mineral
  • Project cooperation:Imported mineral
Project cooperation:Imported mineralProject cooperation:Imported mineral

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  • Product description: Imported mineral

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In recent years, China has been demanding more and more strict environmental protection, strict management of resources, and encouraging the import of ore and other resources. The resources of Africa and other countries are rich in cheap prices.

Our company has been back from Nigeria Chinese non-ferrous metal tin / lead ore samples for testing, the content is very high, in the China refinery have been linked to a large number of acquisitions, find the relevant technical experts to inspect.

But with the China iron and manganese ores smelting factory to establish a good relationship, as long as the price, good quality, can be imported into the China at any time!

Project cooperation:Our company's partner companies in Africa have mineral resources, and interested company friends can work together to develop


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